Friday Favorites

1. World Peace 2. World Peace 3. World Peace

World peace

World Peace// Stella, Kendall, Allie: Turns out those pageant girls have it right.

We have some serious work to do to arrive at a world that is kind to all. Time to ask ourselves: “How can I help?”

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30 Things About Allie

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Every once in a while the perfect moment arrives to rain pleasantries on ones friends. This is one of those moments.

To our dearest friend Allie,

30 just allowed us another year of discovering what is so great about you!












Deep conversations

Light conversations


















In this year may you be,

Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.

 – Stella & Kendall

Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (9)

This American Life // Stella: Stories are part of every day life. They remind us of the past. They help us imagine the future. But what about the present? I think that stories help us understand each other and builds compassion. It is what makes us human. They enrich our lives with different circumstances and situations we may never encounter and widens our perspectives. I’ve pushed podcasts before, but This American Life is one to add to your rotation. It is usually broken into different acts so all the stories are pretty short and digestible. But I promise you, as you listen to these stories, you won’t want to get out of your car when you get where you’re going until the episode is over (I obviously listen to podcasts while driving).

Family // Kendall: It’s been about seven years now since I lived in the same state as my best friend. She was in Denver for three years and just as she moved back home to Minnesota, I headed off to the west coast. I find it amazing how the mind is able to convince oneself that it doesn’t miss someone TOO much. My sister, the previously mentioned best friend, recently came for a long weekend and my god do I love that girl. So many perfect discussions were had while hiking Lake Tahoe’s various summits and making our way to its multitude of alpine lakes. Not only did I get to experience the perfect staycation, but I got to laugh face to face with my sister over nothing particularly important, stay up late(ish) drinking too much wine and observe her photography talent in action. FAMILY. Every girl needs a sister. Well… I do.

#FromWhereIStand // Allie: I’m currently developing a marketing campaign for work inspired by the Instagram trend, #FromWhereIstand, and I can’t stop browsing the feed! Have you ever looked at it in detail? I’m amazed at the level of creativity and inspiration Instagram users have packed into the simple concept of taking a picture of one’s feet. I may just have to pull out the chalk, put on my favorite shoes and create a masterpiece of my own!

Cold Brew Coffee

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I think it is safe to say that I love coffee with all five senses. I’m an addict, okay?  It’s not even about just drinking it to get my caffeine fix, but it is also the process of getting the final product. It is part science and art mixed. So, it is very lucky I moved to Washington where they truly worship coffee. There is nothing like starting off a cold, wet day with a hot cuppa joe.

However, as the glorious summer weather rolls in, we tend to set our sights on something a little colder. My weapon of choice? Cold brew. It is smooth with little to no trace of acidity. But don’t let that fool you! Apparently, the caffeine content is much higher.


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It’s in the 90’s today in Minneapolis, so it seems like an appropriate time to put together my Summer Soundtrack for 2016. I write this post sitting in a sunny spot outside one of my favorite coffee spots, Iced Americano in hand and my hair a humidity-induced ball of frizz. I couldn’t be in a better mood.

In most cities across the country, when the dew point surpasses 70, you’ll find everyone congregating indoors, huddled around air conditioner units. Not in Minneapolis. Up north, we take advantage of every single warm day we’re blessed with. Here are the tracks I’m using to ride this feeling and this weather. You can listen along on Spotify if you want to put a little pep in your summer step.

Soundtrack to Summer


I Wanna Go, Yuna

Cliffs Edge, Hayley Kiyoko

When I Get Older, Wild Party

My Things, Trails & Ways

Drag, Day Wave

Philosophy,  Ben Folds Five

I need Never Get Old, Nathanial Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Grand Canyon, The Wind and The Wave

Hands, Barns Courtney

Fast Car – Radio Edit, Jonas Blue, Dakota

YOUTH, Troye Slvan

East Coast Girl, Butch Walker

Burn It Down, Fitz and The Tantrums

Bury It, CHVRCHES & Hayley Williams

Push Pull, Purity Ring

Overwhelming, Jon Bellion

Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (8)

Cotopaxi // Stella: I love being able to purchase amazing, quality products that have a positive social impact. I think the older I get, I have really begun to consider the impact my daily life has on the world around me. When considering a daypack to purchase, there was no question, it was going to be Cotopaxi Luzon. Now only did it look great and fulfill the qualities I was looking for, but Cotopaxi is also trying to alleviate global poverty sustainably.

Rug Worthy // Kendall: I am continuing my trend of being too focused on updating our home and WHOA rugs are expensive! Memorial Day sales led me to the Rugs USA site and after many hours of searching through an unlimited supply of rugs, I am anxiously awaiting for my final of three purchases to arrive. Said three were obtained for less than $350 and appear to be of relatively high quality. I am feeling satisfied on this Friday.

Lilacs // Allie: There are three specific items that help me cure the Mean Reds when they come knocking at my door – exercise, coffee and flowers. I spend a disproportionate amount of my disposable income on flowers for my coffee table, but when they look and smell as delicious as these Lilacs did last weekend, I find it’s worth every penny.