Oh the places we’ll eat

In true Brent fashion, my main squeeze has planned a surprise trip to San Francisco this Easter weekend. This exciting affair is likely due to an unrest within him that called for delectable food. I am lucky enough to be included. Never a trip to San Francisco has been made without at least one michelin star stop. While I often times complain of the cost of said trips, I am never left unsatisfied. I must admit, Brent plans food oriented excursions better than anyone I’ve been lucky enough to meet.


Saturday Mornings: Work Detox

image1 (2).JPG

You know those work weeks that just seem to suck every last bit of energy, enthusiasm and creative impulse out of you? Yeah, I had one of those weeks. After 5 days of navigating corporate politics and an unnecessary game of pointing fingers, I felt completely burnt out. Yesterday I left the office at 8pm, made a sad attempt at a run around Lake Calhoun and ultimately plopped myself in front of the TV with an embarrassing spread of Chinese takeout. I’m even more embarrassed to admit that I was in bed and sound asleep by 9:30pm.


New: Step 2

imageThis past weekend I “competed” in my first competitive event post college. I would like to utilize the word compete here lightly as I by no means was the one to beat. For those of you with enough will and desire to see my results…best of luck!

I’ve gotten off track here. This second step (see step 1) at taking on Nordic skiing was an all-out battle against my mind. The 30KM race which started at 6,600ft elevation, climbed over a mountain pass at 7,800ft and then descended to 6,000ft was an emotional roller coaster. My schizophrenic brain went something like this:


Lake Tahoe: An Introduction


It’s time we start giving you a small glimpse into our daily lives (well, the good snippets of them). My world… Lake Tahoe. While this location has not necessarily been deemed my forever place, it is my perfect place for right now. I am five months into my third year in Tahoe. Five months into my best year yet.

The Pros:

There is a never ending list of adventures to be had. Rock climbing, hiking, waterfalls, natural hot springs, biking, skiing, car camping, hike-in camping, boat camping, insert another type of camping. With these adventurous options come adventure seeking people. Every friend I have made has amazing stories to share. I can’t help but invite myself to join in on everything they do. While this often involves me panting behind them and envying their peak physical condition…I am making progress. As a former resident of San Francisco, I also find the proximity to the big city to be a major plus. The guy and I often find ourselves craving a good meal and great cocktails (see the cons), and at just over 3 hours away, impromptu weekend trips are often made.


When Did It Start

I had the opportunity to attend a cello performance recently. It was incredible! The cellist played everything from Mozart to Daft Punk. I have always adored the cello and the sounds it makes. It is quite possibly the most underrated string instrument. That is not the point of this story though.

During the performance, I noticed a group of young girls. They were probably 7 or 8 years old at the most. One girl in particular was really getting into the music. She started clapping her hands wildly to the beat as the cellist played a particularly festive song. She had her eyes closed very tight as she absorbed the music.

And then suddenly, her eyes fluttered open. Her body slowed down as she gradually resigned her clapping and brought her hands to her lap. Her eyes darted to the left and saw the other girls, her peers, sitting stoically with blank looks in their eyes. She stayed in that position throughout the rest of the performance. I would catch glimpses of her shooting a quick look to see if any of the other girls had started to enjoy the music. But they didn’t, and it stopped her from enjoying it too.


A Must: Modern Love



Every day, I spend about an hour and ten minutes commuting to and from work. That’s quite a bit of time spent driving. That’s 350 minutes a week, 24 hours a month, or approximately 12 days a year. Wait, did I do that math right?!

I have a variety of methods to keep myself entertained. If I’ve had a particularly long day at work, I find a playlist on Spotify that I can sing my heart out to. The public library has supplied me with a collection of audio books. And NPR is my best friend.


Adventure awaits


Can’t stop dreaming of traveling. Costa Rica is next on the list. A three week getaway. This country has it all for my ideal warm weather retreat. Thrilling adventures and calming beaches. Oh how I love to escape. Always interested in having friends join or meeting people along the way! (hint).