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This is Now

I am one of those people that tend to dwell on some awkward incident like waving back at a stranger because I thought they were waving at me. Sometimes, those thoughts turn a little darker and focus on bigger things in my life that I, and this is a dirty word, regret. The words of “what if” and “if I had just” fill my brain until I can’t hear anything else. This motto is my attempt to shake off a past that is already written. There’s no changing it. All you can do is take the successes and failures and create a roadmap for today. It’s about making the past useful in making smarter decisions and knowing that you will have more failures and bigger successes. It’s not starting over; it is picking yourself up.


The Why

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Pen & Paper Society. It took a while to get here, but here we are. Why the name? Are we a secret society devoted to selling writing utensils? No. The name of our blog reflects our love of writing, but it also goes beyond that. It means taking action. The name is our pact to do what we say we want, dream, yearn to do. Take that painting class. Volunteer in the community. Go on that dream vacation to Paris with two of your friends. Oh wait! Check that last one off the list.