Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

“Happy Friday!” A phrase (or iterations thereof) that finds its way across all of social media, into every phone call and passing conversation and in the closing line of every email. It has been confirmed, saying “Happy Friday,” makes us happy!

To entertain the theme we would like to introduce our Friday Favorites. Nothing too deep. Just some little fixations that have been occupying our minds in the days leading up to “Happy Friday.” What better way than by each sharing one?! Enjoy.

Swoon-Worthy Art // Stella: Big word of caution here: I do not know anything about art. We took a spontaneous trip up to Seattle to see the “Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. I had read about him a couple of years back and was just taken with his art. To see it in person, wow! Most of the pieces are these magnificent portraits of men of color painted into historical portraits. Even amidst the busy and decadent backgrounds, the subjects of portraits stand out. They are stunning and powerful.

Swimwear // Kendall: That time of year has officially fallen upon us. The annual swimsuit search extravaganza. While I am quite astounded to report this as my favorite of the week, I can’t help how overwhelmingly satisfied I am with what the industry has chosen for this season’s trend. Sporty. I’ve lusted for years to rock a sports bra and bikini bottoms to all things “swimsuit.” At times I have even done so, albeit I didn’t exactly rock it (insert memories of family vacation to Puerto Rico). Thank you swimsuit gods for delivering these new high neckline and athletic designs! No boobs peeping out for this girl.

Aeropress Coffee // Allie: I have always loved coffee. As early as middle school, on Saturday mornings, my mom would let me have a mug of Foldgers, filled to the brim with sugary sweetener. In college, just as my taste in fashion, music and books started to shift, so did my coffee preferences.  I constantly craved dark, black coffee, caring more about the caffeine intake than the actual taste. Recently, I’ve emerged into the third stage of this life-long love affair and have become increasingly interested in the taste of my coffee and the techniques involved in extracting as much flavor as possible. Enter my Aeropress. I’m obsessed with this little gadget mostly because it’s widely known as the cheapest, most convenient way to make an outstanding cup of coffee.


Spring Soundtrack

Untitled design (3)

You Guys… it’s 55 degrees out today. 55! Did I mention I live in Minneapolis? And that it’s February 27th? Heaven.

Like most people, when an emerging season reveals itself, a visceral sense of happiness and optimism blossoms inside of me and I always try to find the perfect soundtrack to accompany the specific time of  year.

First snow fall? Time to queue up a little Bon Iver.

First summer drive with the windows down? Vampire Weekend, all the way.

First tailgate of the football season? Throwback JT, please!


February Reading List


Image Source: Urban Outfitters

For gratitude and writer’s envy: Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel

“Jeevan found himself thinking about how human the city is, how human everything is. We bemoaned the impersonality of the modern world, but that was a lie, it seemed to him; it had never been impersonal at all. There had always been a massive delicate infrastructure of people, all of them working unnoticed around us, and when people stop going to work, the entire operation grinds to a halt. No one delivers fuel to the gas stations or the airports. Cars are stranded. Airplanes cannot fly. Trucks remain at their points of origin. Food never reaches the cities; grocery stores close. Businesses are locked and then looted. No one comes to work at the power plants or the substations, no one removes fallen trees from electrical lines. Jeevan was standing by the window when the lights went out.”
Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven


A Girls Guide to Becoming A Badass


I’m going to say it loud and proud – I have ambition. I have things I want to achieve, places I want to go and glass ceilings I intend to break. Unfortunately having that itch for the corner office can be somewhat paralyzing. Quite honestly, even typing it out here gives me an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. We all know that having the dream is the easy part of the equation, but what about getting there? I’ve spent a good chunk of my 20s wondering what it will take to achieve my goals and hunting for a recipe for success. I can’t tell you how many Forbes, “What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast” articles I had to read before I realized there really isn’t one.

The popular, “you do you” anthem has become my main motto as I’ve gotten older, and it especially rings true as I attempt to draft a road map for my career. I’ve finally let go of the mentor fantasy (you know, the one where I run into Tina Fey at Whole Foods and she thinks I’m so promising that she decides to take me under her wing and teach me every thing there is to becoming a bonafide badass?) and I’m taking responsibility for my own progress. My approach? Take one day at a time and find motivation and inspiration in my daily routines. So, here’s my home-grown, partly stolen from the internet but dashed with a sprinkle of Allie, recipe for success.



Pen Paper Society-Pen Paper Society-0014


Last, but definitely not least – our courageous and competitive Kendall. Although Kendall and I endured college together, we’ve actually managed to grow closer during the years we’ve lived thousands of miles apart. I like to think it’s a testament to our friendship, but it’s mostly to do with the fact that Kendall is as loyal and caring of a friend as they come.

View More: “There is literally no one like Kendall in the universe. There’s this popular Amy Poehler interview where she essentially tells a reporter that women are constantly pressured to be everything at once – smart and tough yet sensitive and caring etc. Well, Kendall is that rare breed of human that truly is a mix of all of these amazing qualities. She’s brilliant and tough and would rather die than lose at something, yet she’s one of the most empathetic people I know. I love that she knows what she wants out of life and is brave enough to go get it. She inspires me to live the life I want to live, not one that fits other people’s standards and timelines.”

View More:“This girl is fearless. Even if something scares her, she faces it with a smile on her face. I’m of course referring to oysters. She never looks at anything as a closed door. Even though she has her feet firmly planted on the ground, she is a dreamer. She dreams up grand adventures and turns them into reality. Kendall takes her fearlessness into fashion. I definitely see her as an inspiration when it comes to clothes. She’s not afraid of the sequins crop top and rocks it confidently.”


View More:

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Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they’re worthy. Tell them they’re magical. Be light in a too often dim world. – Unknown

We seriously love this quote over here at P&PS, mostly because putting each other’s insecurities to sleep is a huge part of friendship. These days, It’s easy to feel like you don’t stack up to your peers when everyone looks like a fitness model on Instagram, and everyone else around you seems to be blasting their perfect life across your phone and computer screen. It’s important to be surrounded by people who remind you just how special you truly are. So, in attempt to 1. introduce you to the members of P&PS and 2. build each other up, we’re painting a portrait of each member through the eyes of the others.

Our kind-hearted, wildly sassy Stella is up first!

Pen Paper Society-Pen Paper Society-0014“Stella has a huge heart. She remembers all of the important things and doesn’t dwell on the bad. She brings great insight to all discussions…emotional, informational or otherwise. She also has a hilarious saucy vixen side of her that brings out her sailor tongue and adorable angry/stubborn face. (See her “oh god” face displayed above. One of my favorites).”

View More:“Stella is one of those people with ridiculously good taste. In fact, I visit her Pinterest boards weekly for inspiration on what I should be wearing or how I should be decorating my apartment. Her style is so evergreen and I can always trust her for a perfect book or movie recommendation (I like to think we’re kindred spirits when it comes to books) More importantly, she’s an amazing person – thoughtful, considerate and so, so smart. Oh! and how could I forget hilarious? Looking at her, you’d never know this petite, immaculately put-together person has thee best one-liners and the mouth of a sailor!”

2016 Word of Wisdom


In my search for a meaningful new years resolution to kick off 2016, I stumbled across an article that recommended choosing a word to live by vs. an unattainable goal. The article recommended selecting words like “connect” “bold” and “authenticity,” the idea being that this word then acts as a guide for your decisions throughout the upcoming year. For example, you may ask yourself, “should I really go on this last minute trip to Paris with two of my best friends?” Well, if your 2016 word is “adventure,” it’s a pretty easy decision, right?