Adult Advice

And another one


We are at the close of another year. It seems like no matter what I do, time just seems to go by faster and faster as I get older. I finally get what every adult was trying to tell me when I was a kid. Where’s the pause button?

I started off the beginning of the year with the same resolution that almost everyone else tries to adopt, a blank slate. Let’s just face it, this is unrealistic. I think the most important lesson I learned this past year is that life is really messy, but the shit you go through makes you who you are. Sometimes, it is just that, shit. It’s mind boggling, enraging and downright devastating. But we are resilient.

We pick up whatever pieces we can. We mend the broken seams. And then we grow. It is super easy to look back at the nice, rose colored memories and think of those things as our only defining moments. All the while, the lumps in our rugs are mountainous with the flaws we sweep under it. But it’s all of it, the good and the bad, that collectively make up our lives.

Let me predict a couple of things for 2018. There will be successes. There will be failures. The only new year’s resolution I am making is this: be comfortable and embrace who I am, lumps and all.

Oh, and stop eating so much candy.

Saturday Mornings: Work Detox

image1 (2).JPG

You know those work weeks that just seem to suck every last bit of energy, enthusiasm and creative impulse out of you? Yeah, I had one of those weeks. After 5 days of navigating corporate politics and an unnecessary game of pointing fingers, I felt completely burnt out. Yesterday I left the office at 8pm, made a sad attempt at a run around Lake Calhoun and ultimately plopped myself in front of the TV with an embarrassing spread of Chinese takeout. I’m even more embarrassed to admit that I was in bed and sound asleep by 9:30pm.


Adult Advice #1



Alright. We have already established that being an adult is hard here and here. But maybe by writing about it and talking about it, we can help each other out. Sure, there’s no substitute for the trial and error method of learning. I’m hoping, however, that by sharing some of our best practices, it can help someone else find theirs.

Adult Advice #1: Make Your Bed Immediately When You Get Out of Bed

You learned that in third grade? Good for you. I just learned that seven days ago. So why am I offering up advice that most of us have had ingrained in us since we were old enough to have our own beds?


A Girls Guide to Becoming A Badass


I’m going to say it loud and proud – I have ambition. I have things I want to achieve, places I want to go and glass ceilings I intend to break. Unfortunately having that itch for the corner office can be somewhat paralyzing. Quite honestly, even typing it out here gives me an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. We all know that having the dream is the easy part of the equation, but what about getting there? I’ve spent a good chunk of my 20s wondering what it will take to achieve my goals and hunting for a recipe for success. I can’t tell you how many Forbes, “What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast” articles I had to read before I realized there really isn’t one.

The popular, “you do you” anthem has become my main motto as I’ve gotten older, and it especially rings true as I attempt to draft a road map for my career. I’ve finally let go of the mentor fantasy (you know, the one where I run into Tina Fey at Whole Foods and she thinks I’m so promising that she decides to take me under her wing and teach me every thing there is to becoming a bonafide badass?) and I’m taking responsibility for my own progress. My approach? Take one day at a time and find motivation and inspiration in my daily routines. So, here’s my home-grown, partly stolen from the internet but dashed with a sprinkle of Allie, recipe for success.




Piggybacking on Allie’s recent post, because after all this space is a collaboration of us three, my word to live by for 2016 is *Balance*. I am notoriously an all or nothing lady. A trait I was lucky enough to inherit from my father. Some classic examples:

  1. From working out everyday for two months to no workouts for three months straight.
  2. From working 80+ hour weeks with no time for play to going to work and internet surfing for three days in a row.
  3. From regularly scheduling catch up calls with friends and family (or constant online chats and emails while invested in the later half of no. 2) to cutting off all communication for months.

This is my year of balance. Not just work life balance but ALL balance.