a Thought


Untitled designAs a lifelong lover of all things Disney the minute I decided to write this post an image of the undefinable creature from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch inserted itself into my mind. First, because viewing this film was the pivotal moment when I realized I had become my mother and was incapable of making it through any movie (even a Disney movie) without crying. And second, because I can relate to his sensation of being completely and utterly lost.

I feel you my friend. I feel you.





Piggybacking on Allie’s recent post, because after all this space is a collaboration of us three, my word to live by for 2016 is *Balance*. I am notoriously an all or nothing lady. A trait I was lucky enough to inherit from my father. Some classic examples:

  1. From working out everyday for two months to no workouts for three months straight.
  2. From working 80+ hour weeks with no time for play to going to work and internet surfing for three days in a row.
  3. From regularly scheduling catch up calls with friends and family (or constant online chats and emails while invested in the later half of no. 2) to cutting off all communication for months.

This is my year of balance. Not just work life balance but ALL balance.