Author: Kendall

Good Morning


How often do you wake up two hours early for work and rather than run off to the gym or head into the office early as you had planned… simply sit and enjoy your cup of coffee? Don’t contemplate life. Don’t plan out your day. Just be.
This was a good morning.

Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (6)

Blogilates // Stella: Staying on this fitness kick, I want to recommend Blogilates. Maybe someday I will return to a gym membership, but in the meantime, I will be working out with Cassey. I love these videos because all you need is yourself, no crazy equipment required. Cassey is so energetic and vivacious that she gives you the motivation to work through these videos, and you will need it because her workouts are HARD. It leaves you sweating and out of breath followed with muscles that are satisfyingly sore the next day.

Pendant Planning // Kendall: I move into a new house next Thursday. I leave for three weeks in Costa Rica next Friday. I have loads of work and packing to get done prior to departure, AND I cannot stop looking for design inspiration for our new home. The home that I won’t actually spend time in until my return from Costa Rica. I am currently obsessing over how much lighting can change the look of a space. We are moving into an all wood interior cabin and it needs something to bring it into this decade. Pendants lights have me all giddy due to what you can get without spending a fortune. Next I just need to learn how to install on my own. Challenge accepted!

NPR Politics Podcast // Allie: It’s been a very long, mentally and emotionally exhausting election season and we’ve still got a long way to go. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been searching desperately for a way to stay informed on the presidential election without being infuriated by it. I reached a point a few weeks back where I was ready to tune out completely – delete my Facebook account, turn off the 24-hour sensationalized news and give up on trying to comprehend the terrifying state of modern american politics all together. But it’s that kind of behavior that perpetuates the unfortunate position we’re in. So instead of tuning out, I looked at the smart, well informed and well balanced people around me and looked at how they digested their information. NPR’s Politics podcast came up time and time again and it hasn’t disappointed, yet.



Welcoming Back Endorphins

Untitled design (6)

We are fairly confident that you already know what endorphins are and their relation to working out. Thus, we will respectfully pass on turning this post into a science lesson and instead, offer up our reflections on our recent re-introduction to that happy post workout feeling. As with many people who have allowed themselves to fall off the working out wagon, getting back on again is tough. But as soon as energy levels pick up and the sensation of being a bad ass workout queen returns, so does the question, “why the HELL did I ever stop being healthy?!” Well world, we’ve experienced that cycle a number of times and it will likely occur again, but in this current moment the three of us are enjoying our period of bad ass bliss!


Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (5)

Magnolias // Stella: Springtime, it seems overly romanticized to me. I’m not trying to be cynical. But since moving to the Pacific Northwest, spring usually equals the beginning of the worst allergies I’ve ever had. For most parts of the country, springtime usually signals a change in weather. Not here. Same gray skies, moderate temperatures, and of course, rain. The saving grace of spring is the abundance of flowering trees. They just explode out here and end up leaving a carpet of pink and white petals. I discovered my absolute favorite tree since moving out here, the Magnolia. They produce these delicate, floppy flowers. We have a pink one in our front yard. The blooms only last for a mere moment it seems, so every chance I get, I just stare at it. My master plan is to surround our house with an army of them.

DIY Desk // Kendall: My sister sent me a picture of her newly curated stand up desk late last week and I have been obsessing over it ever since. Not much else to say other than I want one and I can’t wait to build my own. Such a charming addition to her growing photography studio. Simple. Elegant. Modern.

Our Shared Shelf // Allie: As if I needed another reason to love Emma Watson – she’s started a feminist book club via GoodReads, which also happens to be one of my other favorite things on the web. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Emma has recently shifted her focus from acting to the women’s rights movement and is a pretty astute and outspoken UN Ambassador on the issue. For the book club, titled, ‘Our Shared Shelf,’ Emma selects a monthly read covering women’s rights topics and then encourages discussions amongst the members. Not only does it give me direct access to one of the women I look up to most, but a community of women all over the world who are participating in reading and discussing an issue so near and dear to my heart.

Oh the places we’ll eat

In true Brent fashion, my main squeeze has planned a surprise trip to San Francisco this Easter weekend. This exciting affair is likely due to an unrest within him that called for delectable food. I am lucky enough to be included. Never a trip to San Francisco has been made without at least one michelin star stop. While I often times complain of the cost of said trips, I am never left unsatisfied. I must admit, Brent plans food oriented excursions better than anyone I’ve been lucky enough to meet.


New: Step 2

imageThis past weekend I “competed” in my first competitive event post college. I would like to utilize the word compete here lightly as I by no means was the one to beat. For those of you with enough will and desire to see my results…best of luck!

I’ve gotten off track here. This second step (see step 1) at taking on Nordic skiing was an all-out battle against my mind. The 30KM race which started at 6,600ft elevation, climbed over a mountain pass at 7,800ft and then descended to 6,000ft was an emotional roller coaster. My schizophrenic brain went something like this:


Lake Tahoe: An Introduction


It’s time we start giving you a small glimpse into our daily lives (well, the good snippets of them). My world… Lake Tahoe. While this location has not necessarily been deemed my forever place, it is my perfect place for right now. I am five months into my third year in Tahoe. Five months into my best year yet.

The Pros:

There is a never ending list of adventures to be had. Rock climbing, hiking, waterfalls, natural hot springs, biking, skiing, car camping, hike-in camping, boat camping, insert another type of camping. With these adventurous options come adventure seeking people. Every friend I have made has amazing stories to share. I can’t help but invite myself to join in on everything they do. While this often involves me panting behind them and envying their peak physical condition…I am making progress. As a former resident of San Francisco, I also find the proximity to the big city to be a major plus. The guy and I often find ourselves craving a good meal and great cocktails (see the cons), and at just over 3 hours away, impromptu weekend trips are often made.