Author: Kendall

10 x 10

10x10 (1)I have recently found myself to be quite intrigued by the concept of minimalist living (welcome to the wave Kendall!). After watching a documentary on minimalism the first thing that came to mind was my closet… the place where I often visit and think “friend you have become quite dreary over the years.”

What I have come to realize is that moving to an outdoor destination has resulted in falling out of touch with my personal style. While I am an avid fan of the loungewear look, it has become a constant in my every day life. Confession of a girl gone rustic: I miss my fashion forward wardrobe.



Good Morning


How often do you wake up two hours early for work and rather than run off to the gym or head into the office early as you had planned… simply sit and enjoy your cup of coffee? Don’t contemplate life. Don’t plan out your day. Just be.
This was a good morning.