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Pen & Paper Society is a promise made by three friends to live a life full of creativity and curiosity. Around age 26, we all started to feel the weight of adulthood and some of the compromises and mundane routines that come with it. All three of us, at one point or another, had voiced a desire to continue to grow as people through new experiences. The Pen & Paper society was a way for us to make that promise to each other and to ourselves.

Pen & Paper Society is about our friendship. Even though there are multiple states between the three of us, this is where we can come together. It is where we can share our aspirations, our successes, our failures, our adventures. This is our way to stay accountable to each other about exploring the world and new experiences.

Pen & Paper Society is a shared desire to do more (read, write, contribute, learn, explore, dream, etc.) and most importantly to discover who exactly we are as that question has yet to be fully answered.

Photo credit Anastasia Galka Photography

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