10 x 10

10x10 (1)I have recently found myself to be quite intrigued by the concept of minimalist living (welcome to the wave Kendall!). After watching a documentary on minimalism the first thing that came to mind was my closet… the place where I often visit and think “friend you have become quite dreary over the years.”

What I have come to realize is that moving to an outdoor destination has resulted in falling out of touch with my personal style. While I am an avid fan of the loungewear look, it has become a constant in my every day life. Confession of a girl gone rustic: I miss my fashion forward wardrobe.

Back to the minimalist idea. After some not so thorough research, I grew tired of reading and wanted to begin, I have decided that 2017 is my year to focus on quality over quantity and I plan to start with my wardrobe. I realize the New Year started three months back, but I’m loving these longer days and it finally feels like it’s time to awaken with new ideas!

My plan is to whittle my current piles upon piles of primarily poorly made crap down to a limited collection of what I am excited to wear. From there, I will fill my wardrobe in with high quality and ethically sourced product that defines my personal style (still to be discovered, stay tuned).

I have found two blogs that are my current inspiration. Style bee and Unfancy. While I am not yet ready to set myself up with a capsule wardrobe due to being too impatient to get started, I am ready to proceed with a 10×10 challenge. I will be purchasing no new items for this challenge as my primary objective is determining what I want to keep vs. toss.

The Challenge: I have selected 10 items from my wardrobe to be mixed and matched for the next 10 days. These items do not include accessories. Or underwear. I intend on wearing clean underwear each day. What I enjoy about this challenge is that it invites me to awaken my creativity and produce something new out of belongings I believe to have gone old.

Above are the culprits for round one of clothing roulette.

2 bottoms + 2 shoes + 5 tops +1 dress = 10.  Who will make the cut?!

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