Blank Walls

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The room that I spent most my childhood was a little girl’s dream. The walls were artistically covered in soft pink and rose colored paint strokes. It was whimsical. Pretty little white frames held sweet images of flowers and Precious Moments characters. When I was an obnoxious pre-teen that thought she knew every thing about this world, I had the faces of boy bands plastered over the little girl pink walls. But even at that age, I was careful only to collect and display the best posters.

Flash forward to high school and a girl who wanted to grow up. I worked hard to get the weird cat wallpaper off the walls in our new home and painted the walls a very grown-up sage green. With all the hard work I poured into the walls, other than a carefully curated cork board that held important ticket stubs, photos of smiling friends and old prom corsage, not much else was hung up.

During college, almost nothing graced my walls. Everything was temporary. And I definitely wanted my deposits back when I moved out of my apartments. Between starting college and buying my first house, I had lived in seven different places in eight years between two states. No wonder I didn’t ever settle down and nest.

Now, I’ve been in this house for a few years. I’m ready to kick my old habits and start decorating these walls. There are two ground rules that I will stick to (it’s actually the same two rules I use for furniture):

  1. I don’t have to cover every blank space. Open space is not a bad thing.
  2. I don’t have to buy it for the sake of filling space. It’s okay to be picky.

I’m going to start sharing some of the artists or artwork that I find along the way. Not all of them will end up on my walls, but it will be fun all the same.

Disclaimer: I have not studied art or design. I just love looking at intoxicating, lovely and delightful things.

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