Friday Favorites

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (8)

Cotopaxi // Stella: I love being able to purchase amazing, quality products that have a positive social impact. I think the older I get, I have really begun to consider the impact my daily life has on the world around me. When considering a daypack to purchase, there was no question, it was going to be Cotopaxi Luzon. Now only did it look great and fulfill the qualities I was looking for, but Cotopaxi is also trying to alleviate global poverty sustainably.

Rug Worthy // Kendall: I am continuing my trend of being too focused on updating our home and WHOA rugs are expensive! Memorial Day sales led me to the Rugs USA site and after many hours of searching through an unlimited supply of rugs, I am anxiously awaiting for my final of three purchases to arrive. Said three were obtained for less than $350 and appear to be of relatively high quality. I am feeling satisfied on this Friday.

Lilacs // Allie: There are three specific items that help me cure the Mean Reds when they come knocking at my door – exercise, coffee and flowers. I spend a disproportionate amount of my disposable income on flowers for my coffee table, but when they look and smell as delicious as these Lilacs did last weekend, I find it’s worth every penny.

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