San Francisco


I have yet to be disappointed during my weekend trips to this city. Moving away from it has made me appreciate it many times more than I ever did while a resident.


-Happy Birthday celebration for my main squeeze.

– Surprise visit from my dear friend (hey you may know her!)

-Followed by tears of joy…and then quick wipe away from embarrassment.

-Great conversation. Great memories.


This past weekend’s top stops:

  1. 4505 Burgers & BBQ Top eat: Frankaroni
  2. Bourbon & Branch Top drink: Frank Lloyd Wright
  3. Petit Crenn Top eat: Mushroom tartine & gnocchi
  4. Cala Top eat: Clam & octopus over grilled bread
  5. State Bird Provisions Top eat: Trout
  6. Park Tavern Top eat: Smoked deviled egg
  7. Trou Normand Top drink: Algonquin


Itinerary set by Brent… Always.

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