The Desire to Wander


I finally started on a project that has long been on my to-do list: organizing the years and years of pictures on my computer. Although I was dreading this project, I am really enjoying reliving some of the captured moments. I realized that I have been extremely blessed in the last few years to experience the joy of wandering this planet. I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from each trip.

To kick things off, South Africa. I studied abroad in Cape Town during college. For me at the age of 21, it opened my eyes to the beauty and the pain that exists in humanity. It was definitely a life changing trip.


Sometimes, when you have the desire to wander, you forget about your own backyard. Instead of turning our sights to overseas destinations, three girls set out to discover the Pacific coast. The best part of this trip was spending time with an old friend and making a new friend.


The trip to South Korea was so special to me. My mom and I went for two weeks to spend time with her family. I think the last time I went for a visit was when I was still in elementary school. It was so meaningful to me to visit as an adult and really appreciate my family and my heritage. And on a fun note, I used my first bidet. TMI?


Ugh! This is the place where my husband and I were contemplating job and lifestyle changes so we could become island people. There is such a different vibe on the island. Everything slows down. Stress melts away. The best memory of this trip was eating dinner outside by the water at sunset with my feet firmly planted in sandals and socks, we saw a whole pod of Orca whales swim past us. Incredible.

PARIS (1).png

Visiting Paris has always been a dream of mine. I could not have asked for better travel buddies. We drank countless bottles of wine and champagne, strolled the streets on foot in silence as we drooled over the architecture, and had the best picnic under the Eiffel Tower including the cheese-which-must-not-be-named.

I love traveling whether it is within the country or outside. It is fascinating to learn about different cultures, histories and food. You learn about tolerance, patience and humility traveling in a country where you are unfamiliar with the language or the customs. It perks all your senses to listen and look for the details you might ignore when you are comfortable. There is such a rush being pushed out of your comfort zone. Sometimes traveling isn’t the most relaxing activity, but you come back educated and enriched. You can’t beat that feeling.

The thing that all of these trips have in common is that I never wanted them to end. But they did, and that’s okay. It just means the next adventure is ready to start. Take a look.

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