Welcoming Back Endorphins

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We are fairly confident that you already know what endorphins are and their relation to working out. Thus, we will respectfully pass on turning this post into a science lesson and instead, offer up our reflections on our recent re-introduction to that happy post workout feeling. As with many people who have allowed themselves to fall off the working out wagon, getting back on again is tough. But as soon as energy levels pick up and the sensation of being a bad ass workout queen returns, so does the question, “why the HELL did I ever stop being healthy?!” Well world, we’ve experienced that cycle a number of times and it will likely occur again, but in this current moment the three of us are enjoying our period of bad ass bliss!

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Allie // Luckily I live close to one of the best running trails in the Minneapolis metro area, so when I’m itching to get into shape, I usually opt for runs around Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. Unfortunately, having the same route and routine day after day has started to become a bore and is threatening my commitment to regular workouts, which is why I’ve started to map goals for all of my runs. Some days I plan to focus on increasing my milage. Other days I’ll work on improving my pace. I’ve also signed up for an 8 mile race in April to hold myself accountable – it’s amazing what the fear of totally sucking does for my motivation!

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Stella// A long time ago, I thrived on being active and fit. But after experiencing a devastating ankle injury in college, I started the decline into a sedentary lifestyle. I would participate in the flavor of the week fitness fads, but nothing stuck. What I discovered is that I need my exercise disguised as recreation (or landscaping which is not has fun but necessary), and I need to set achievable benchmarks in relation to the big picture goal. So, what’s my big goal? I want to be a good hiking partner. I want to go on a LONG backpacking trip with the stamina and strength to pull my own weight. I’ve already started training by climbing up steep inclines. Already, I feel stronger. It’s going to take a lot of work, but I am so excited to get there.

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Kendall// It was around this time last year that I took a good look at myself in the mirror after many months of treating my body poorly and was uncomfortable with what I saw. I have always considered myself a relatively active person but as the years add up my body’s ability to maintain its healthy athletic frame wains. It was at this point that I changed up (well and actually introduced) my routine. Since then, I have continued on a stream of constantly introducing new workouts which keeps the body on its toes and my muscles always up for a new surprise!

My story (the brief version): 1) I cancelled the overpriced gym membership that did nothing but drain my bank account in the weeks where my workouts were non-existent. 2) I subscribed to beachbody.com for unlimited access to Insanity and became a workout video addict for two months. I had a mental battle with myself EVERY day to get myself to start the videos. It was all worth it when I received my first compliment from someone who had noticed I was looking different. 3) I got bored of insanity and found a workout buddy. My co-worker and I began running over lunch three days a week. 4) My co-worker and I signed up for a 30km cross country ski race. This resulted in the need to a) learn how to ski and b) gain the endurance to ski 30kms. 5) I signed up for an introductory deal at a local studio with an hour long 6am class that focuses on interval training. I am officially hooked and never miss a class.

I have now researched and found six other studios with one month introductory rates that I plan on taking advantage of in the coming months. For me, this plan works best as it helps me stay interested and motivated. I’m looking forward to the next new experience!


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