Oh the places we’ll eat

In true Brent fashion, my main squeeze has planned a surprise trip to San Francisco this Easter weekend. This exciting affair is likely due to an unrest within him that called for delectable food. I am lucky enough to be included. Never a trip to San Francisco has been made without at least one michelin star stop. While I often times complain of the cost of said trips, I am never left unsatisfied. I must admit, Brent plans food oriented excursions better than anyone I’ve been lucky enough to meet.

In true me fashion I have to link this to a childish tale… this evening’s inspiration… Dr. Suess. Kendall style:

We have buds on our tongues. We have will in our feet. We will make our way to the best spots to eat.

Three short hours it takes. Over the bridge we will go. For a weekend escape to old San Francisco.

Always fun to be had, and new places to see, whilst roaming the streets of our former city.

Below is a short list of some of my favorites over recent years.

  1. Frances
  2. b. patisserie
  3. Naked Lunch
  4. State Bird Provisions
  5. Mamacita

Turns out listing only five is quite difficult. I am officially more excited to visit than when I started this post!


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