New: Step 2

imageThis past weekend I “competed” in my first competitive event post college. I would like to utilize the word compete here lightly as I by no means was the one to beat. For those of you with enough will and desire to see my results…best of luck!

I’ve gotten off track here. This second step (see step 1) at taking on Nordic skiing was an all-out battle against my mind. The 30KM race which started at 6,600ft elevation, climbed over a mountain pass at 7,800ft and then descended to 6,000ft was an emotional roller coaster. My schizophrenic brain went something like this:

(“oh my I’m nervous.. this is kindof hard..I’m a bit tir….OH I PASSED SOME ONE!…OH I PASSED A BUNCH OF PEOPLE…but I’m still exhausted…OH! LEMONADE.. YUM! … oh this is just beautiful, I should pull over and take a picture..NO! I’m racing! keep going!…this isn’t too horrible…oh another hill…this is horrible… I absolutely hate this… oh, someone passed me… oh good a bunch of people are passing me!… F*#@@@!!, @###%%&!, %%&&**!…. S%**C!, G*#$%!, %^*@!… BREATHE KENDALL!!… GIVE ME THAT LEMONDADE!!… %&**#!, %&*@!!, GAH!!!.. F%&*!!!, %^&@!.. THIS IS HORRIBLE… There’s the finish line?! OH! the finish line!… I finished?!.. I FINISHED.. this is AMAZING!.. BEST.DAY.EVER! FEMALE OF THE YEAR!!! OR AT LEAST 247TH INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR!!)

and all of this occurred inside of the mind of the forgot her sport glasses so went for the oversized fashion sun glasses while looking “cool” girl captured above.

Long story short: I can’t wait for next year.

Advice for asthmatic individuals training at elevation for a race: Bring your inhaler.

Oh… and I have no idea what that annoying bump is at the bottom of my jacket that my significant other was kind enough to call out immediately upon seeing these pictures posted to the great ski race website…mature boy… real mature.



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