Adult Advice #1



Alright. We have already established that being an adult is hard here and here. But maybe by writing about it and talking about it, we can help each other out. Sure, there’s no substitute for the trial and error method of learning. I’m hoping, however, that by sharing some of our best practices, it can help someone else find theirs.

Adult Advice #1: Make Your Bed Immediately When You Get Out of Bed

You learned that in third grade? Good for you. I just learned that seven days ago. So why am I offering up advice that most of us have had ingrained in us since we were old enough to have our own beds?

Even though I am trying to say good-bye to my night owl, that still doesn’t make me a morning person.I have a difficult time going from 0 to 60 right away when I get up. I usually hit snooze as many times as possible. Then, I just lay there hoping the outside world will disappear and someone will pay me for sleeping. On the off chance that I do get up right away with my alarm and I have extra time, I will try to get back into bed. This happens A LOT on the weekends.

Making your bed as soon as your feet touch the ground is the best way to get rid of the temptation to crawl back under your warm blankets. Because why would you make your bed and then go mess it up two minutes later? You wouldn’t and you won’t! It also makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something before you have even brushed your teeth. The bonus that comes with performing this task, at the end of your busy day, it is extremely satisfying to climb into a well made (well, made) bed.

Now, if anyone has discovered the secret to waking up the first time your alarm rings, let me know and I’ll let you write an advice post about that. That is the greatest hurdle.


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