Lake Tahoe: An Introduction


It’s time we start giving you a small glimpse into our daily lives (well, the good snippets of them). My world… Lake Tahoe. While this location has not necessarily been deemed my forever place, it is my perfect place for right now. I am five months into my third year in Tahoe. Five months into my best year yet.

The Pros:

There is a never ending list of adventures to be had. Rock climbing, hiking, waterfalls, natural hot springs, biking, skiing, car camping, hike-in camping, boat camping, insert another type of camping. With these adventurous options come adventure seeking people. Every friend I have made has amazing stories to share. I can’t help but invite myself to join in on everything they do. While this often involves me panting behind them and envying their peak physical condition…I am making progress. As a former resident of San Francisco, I also find the proximity to the big city to be a major plus. The guy and I often find ourselves craving a good meal and great cocktails (see the cons), and at just over 3 hours away, impromptu weekend trips are often made.

The Cons:

While small town living can at times be a pro there are moments where I feel totally isolated and shut off from the world. And being that I am from Minnesota, I have my moment of homesickness for friends and family (a con to any location I choose to live). With small town living comes a limited supply of options for going out. Going out my friends is a past time that I LOVE. Good food, good cocktails, good atmosphere… YES Please. To top it off one would think you could save bundles of money while living in your quiet little town. Not quite. Small town = small airport, less gas stations, less grocery stores, etc. All of which cost more money. Boo Hoo.

My Opinion: The Pros far out way the cons.

I am hoping to start sharing some of Tahoe’s hidden gems in the coming months (markets, boutiques, restaurants, trails, beaches, etc.) all in an effort to 1) reminisce on those I have already found and 2) find the ones I have yet to discover. Stay tuned!*

*South Shore dwellers and travelers be warned: these posts will likely be biased towards the gems of the North Shore as that is where I live. But alas, as this blog is meant to be a commitment to do more… I may have to venture out of boundaries… hmmm.



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