Spring Soundtrack

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You Guys… it’s 55 degrees out today. 55! Did I mention I live in Minneapolis? And that it’s February 27th? Heaven.

Like most people, when an emerging season reveals itself, a visceral sense of happiness and optimism blossoms inside of me and I always try to find the perfect soundtrack to accompany the specific time of  year.

First snow fall? Time to queue up a little Bon Iver.

First summer drive with the windows down? Vampire Weekend, all the way.

First tailgate of the football season? Throwback JT, please!

No surprise, the winter to spring transition is my favorite. I love how it stirs life back into my sleepy, hibernating Minneapolis neighborhood after months of brutal temperatures. So, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying one of the first spring-like days in your city, I recommend pairing it with the tracks below. You can listen to them here. You can be sure I’ll be playing them on repeat while I open every single window in my apartment. (eeek!)

  • It’s Strange (feat.K.Flay), Louis The Child, KFlay
  • Sober, Childish Gambino
  • Katie Queen of Tennessee, The Apache Relay
  • This Head I Hold, Electric Guest
  • The Wild Life, Vacationer
  • Secrets, Jack and Eliza
  • All I Want Is to Be Your Girl, Holly Miranda
  • You Go to My Head, Billie Holiday
  • Give Me Something, Jarryd James
  • Future People, Alabama Shakes
  • Slacks, St. South
  • Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins), Father John Misty

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