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The biggest perk about working on this blog together, is getting to spend more time with Allie and Kendall albeit virtually. It has been fun getting to know them in a more creative capacity. They are both truly talented, and I can’t wait for you to hear more of their voices. But first, we’ll put into words how we see each other.

We’ve shared laughs and tears, wine and whiskey, jokes and advice. She is the girl you want to have in your corner. I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Allie.

View More:“I love to listen to Allie talk. When she gets going on a topic she is passionate about, it’s hard not to get swept up in her excitement. At the same time, she is an amazing listener. She wants to hear about what you think and keeps an open mind to everyone’s opinions. She is incredibly thoughtful and wants to make sure that every voice is heard. Allie is who I look to when I need good music. Her Spotify playlists often fill my workdays and weekends. She is definitely a master curator of moods when it comes to music!”

Pen Paper Society-Pen Paper Society-0014“Allie is deep and passionate. Listening to her talk can be so inspiring as her hands get going and her voice brightens. I always want to hear her opinion on topics. She has many hidden talents and not so hidden hobbies (reading, writing, music, dance… what else Allie?!). Allie can also go from deep to childish in less than five seconds as she pulls up the latest YouTube video or gif that has her girlish laugh going over and over again.”


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