To Start

Ready set ...- (2)

To Start… this will be a long post. After all, it is two years in the making.*to be explained further below*. While I realize you (the illusory you) do not currently know me and as such have no reason to spend time reading through this lengthy text, it must be written.

December 2013 – The first time I reached out to Stella inquiring whether she would be interested in starting a blog together.  She eagerly agreed.

January 12, 2014 – The first email Stella sent to Allie soliciting her to join in the efforts of her and I. Allie’s exact response… “YES! Where do I sign?!?”

January 18, 2014 – Our first Blog Chat. Yay! (Rescheduled to January 19, 2014… a common occurrence for us three)

February 12, 2014 through August 15, 2014 – a regular stream of scheduled blog chats, many of which were rescheduled, forgotten or cancelled. Meeting discussions commenced with an early discussion on our intent and quickly changed to far too much emphasis on our image, our mood, the colors, the design! We became too focused on our desires for a beautiful blog, one people would adore looking at and lost our concentration on its purpose. We misplaced the essence of us and became insecure about our ability to write, create meaning and explore the world of blogging. Many a posts were started, some even finished, but all remained only in draft. Never once did we publish.

March 2015 – A trip to Whistler, BC (Allie, Kendall and others) and Vancouver, B.C (Allie, Kendall, Stella and others). At one point we mentioned that this might be a great way to revive our desire to do this project together. Traveling! British Columbia was spectacular… As was our time spent together. We allowed the fact that there were others in tow distract us from every actually talking about “this blog thing.”

September 2015 – A trip to Paris, France (Allie, Kendall and Stella alone). It had been over a year since our last scheduled “blog chat.” But this trip brought forth the memory of why we wanted to start the blog in the first place.

  • Let’s pause here for a moment on my timeline as I provide some additional useful information. Stella, Allie and I do not live in the same state. The three of us, in fact, lived in the same state only once, for one year. And while I have known the two for many more years than that, it was the one year that we three joined together, and Allie and Stella became fast friends, that I knew we were great together. I wanted it to last.
  • Fast forward to today and I am entering my fourth year in California, Stella her fifth in Washington and Allie her sixth in Minnesota. This, my errr friends??, is one of many reasons for the blog. And also one of the many reasons why it has yet to start. There have been few undistracted opportunities to sit down together and just do it! (Thanks Nike for the phrase).

December 2015 – Kendall and Stella return home to Minnesota for the holidays. Here is where the fire was re-lit and boy am I excited that it did! My sister gathered us three for a quick photo session as she begins the journey of her new photography business and ended the hour with… “Well girls, I better have a blog link to refer to upon posting these pictures to my website!” (The one she started only months ago and is already getting set up). NEW FLASH GIRLS! “GET GOING!”

So here we are. January of 2016 and more than two years after the thought originally popped into my head. Perfect timing really as we close on a year of great memories shared with one another, enter the last years of our twenties and start a new year with more memories to be created together. I sit writing this in the exact same coffee shop and on the exact same chair (unintentionally… but as I think on it … quite wonderfully) that I wrote my first post in 2014 (one of the unpublished ones).

The meaning and content of this space will be ascertained as we continue on and find it along with each other, by posting.

January 2016 – Here is to a new year. THE year that I along with my two exquisite friends finally start… the Pen & Paper Society.



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